About Us

At RMG Headquarters, we are interested in providing you with an opportunity to garden from your window sill. Using reclaimed wood, you will grow microgreens in the most unlikely of places. Indoors. Microgreens are a fresh experience of flavor, packed with vitamins and that extra pinch of perfection to finish any meal. In your order, RMG will provide you with two gardens, soil, fertilizer, seeds and a little bit of hope.

RMG uses reclaimed wood from the city of L.A., coated in organic walnut oil and a custom burned brand to provide a sturdy and attractive garden for your kitchen. The gardens are made by hand with an extra dose of love and also provide an artful expression of creativity for your kitchen.

Based on our beta testing we discovered that arugula, beets, mustard, radish, onion, garlic chives and anise will provide the best taste and best experience for your microgreen adventure. (Ask us about the time we tested the artichoke!) Microgreens are ready to harvest in 7-21 days and a little secret for you here…
The roots are the best part!

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