Adding New Gardens

Part of the joy of working with reclaimed wood is that we, at RMG, get the opportunity to create all sorts of different styles of gardens. For instance, beginning three months ago, we were able to add a custom fat boy set.

Custom Fat Boys

Custom Fat Boys

We also recently began to offer our custom tall boy set.

Custom Tall Boys

Custom Tall Boys

The creation and success of these two gardens has led to a new garden set that includes new colors of paint. Please check them out on our website as we recently put them up for a sale price!

Posted on May 18, 2014 .

Preparation for Launch

Reclaimed Micro Gardens is proud to announce that we are leaving beta testing on April 22, 2014 to officially launch our product!

We have spent weeks in beta testing and have reformatted and refit our website into a place that we feel will be productive and easy for anyone who wants to grow microgreens in their home, within a socially responsible product, any time of year.

It seems to be fitting that we are launching on Earth Day.

On the date of the launch, and in the week to follow, we will be offering a special deal for anyone interested in purchasing the product. This means that one week we will be offering one free set of gardens for every one set of gardens ordered!

This past weekend was spent preparing for the official launch by creating dozens of Reclaimed Micro Gardens.  Enjoy some of the pictures below of the time that we put into preparing for this public launch!

Posted on April 21, 2014 .

Microgreen Roots

It's true. The most often wasted portion of microgreens are their roots. So many will simply use scissors to cut the microgreens, and miss out on the best part of the plant. The roots. The roots are filled not only with flavor, but also with more nutrients for your body.

The two pictures below show how to best enjoy the roots from your Reclaimed Micro Gardens.  Simply grab all the microgreens at one time and pull them out. Then place them underneath the sink and give them a thorough wash. Once they are clean, all you need to do is garnish your favorite food with the microgreens to enjoy the burst of both flavors and nutrients.

Please email with any questions that you have for enjoying the roots of your microgreens. 


pull the microgreens out of your Reclaimed Micro Garden


give them a thorough wash


radish microgreens on salmon and Chinese noodles

Posted on April 15, 2014 .

Tall Boys

In light of the popularity that out fat boys have been, we have now also produced a series of RMG tall boys. This set of indoor gardens, made of reclaimed wood, will allow you to grow your microgreens a bit taller. The depth of the hole in the gardens is three inches, rather than the standard two inches. This extra inch will allow microgreens to grow an extra inch taller as the roots will be able to go another inch deeper!


On another note, we are continuing to prepare for our public launch of the website on April 22. April 22 is Earth Day and on this day we will provide an extra set of gardens for every order made to officially launch the website!

Posted on March 28, 2014 .

Fat Boys

As we continue to go through our beta testing as a new website, it has come to our realization that there is a need to be able to grow copious amounts of microgreens for our customers. Thus, as we continue to adapt to the marketplace and to the needs of the people with whom we are in contact, we have developed some new fat boy Gardens. Take a look at the image below. The gardens are 6 inches long rather than 5 inches long, and have a hole that is one and a half inches in circumference rather than just an inch in circumference, allowing for three times the growth of micro greens! Just click on the picture and we will set you up for purchase!

Posted on March 21, 2014 .

Preparing for the Farmer's Market

It has been a good and challenging time putting the website together. We, at RMG, feel very grateful for all of the help in moving through beta testing. Right now our goal for public launch of the website is Earth Day, April 22, 2014.

In the meantime we've also been preparing for our work in local farmer's markets.  We knew that we didn't want to do a standard table and table cloth for our setup in the farmer's markets, and we finally came across a design that we are quite excited about.

Take a look at the process that we went through this weekend in designing our booth. Essentially, we took reclaimed wood and turned them into portable sawhorses.  We will then take a reclaimed piece of plywood and set that on top of the sawhorses.

Any additions? 




Posted on March 16, 2014 .

Fertilizer and Microgreens

Today on our blog, we would like to invite you to play a little game with our wheatgrass microgreens. Take a guess as to which hole had a proper amount of fertilizer, which hole had small amounts fertilizer and which hole did not have any fertilizer?



In case you couldn't tell, the middle hole had the proper amount of fertilizer, the hole on the left had too small of an amount of fertilizer, and the hole on the right did not have any fertilizer. 

While we have decided that wheatgrass is not going to be one of the options that we offer at Reclaimed Micro Gardens, we did get to see a beautiful picture of the importance of the proper amount of fertilizer for growing microgreens. 

In our gardens, firstly place soil in the hole. Then, with our organic fertilizer, we recommend a pinch that covers the whole of the surface area of each hand drilled hole. We then recommend putting the seeds on top the fertilizer. And the final step is putting just a little bit more soil on top the seeds. Water each garden with 10 drops of water per day and place the garden in a window. Within 7 to 21 days, depending on the type of seed, you will have microgreens to garnish your favorite foods.

Posted on February 22, 2014 .

Wheatgrass in RMGs


We just did a successful run of wheatgrass in our gardens and are thinking about adding wheatgrass to our host of options for microgreen seeds. Customers will have two options for consuming. The first option will a special juicer to extract the juice. The second option is much more funny. One can eat wheatgrass whole, like a dog, to induce vomiting. We probably wouldn't recommend this option, but for those who need to vomit, this could be a great! Yuck!!! 

Here are some benefits of wheatgrass. 

  • Increases red blood-cell count; cleanses the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract; simulates metabolism
  • Stimulates your thyroid gland
  • Reduces over-acidity in your blood and relieve peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, constipation, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal complaints
  • Detoxifies your liver and blood and chemically neutralizes environmental pollutants
  • Its high chlorophyll content may help oxygenate your blood. Keeping a tray of live wheatgrass near your bed may also enhance the oxygen in the air and generate healthful negative ions to help improve your sleep


Posted on February 18, 2014 .