Fertilizer and Microgreens

Today on our blog, we would like to invite you to play a little game with our wheatgrass microgreens. Take a guess as to which hole had a proper amount of fertilizer, which hole had small amounts fertilizer and which hole did not have any fertilizer?



In case you couldn't tell, the middle hole had the proper amount of fertilizer, the hole on the left had too small of an amount of fertilizer, and the hole on the right did not have any fertilizer. 

While we have decided that wheatgrass is not going to be one of the options that we offer at Reclaimed Micro Gardens, we did get to see a beautiful picture of the importance of the proper amount of fertilizer for growing microgreens. 

In our gardens, firstly place soil in the hole. Then, with our organic fertilizer, we recommend a pinch that covers the whole of the surface area of each hand drilled hole. We then recommend putting the seeds on top the fertilizer. And the final step is putting just a little bit more soil on top the seeds. Water each garden with 10 drops of water per day and place the garden in a window. Within 7 to 21 days, depending on the type of seed, you will have microgreens to garnish your favorite foods.

Posted on February 22, 2014 .