Microgreen Roots

It's true. The most often wasted portion of microgreens are their roots. So many will simply use scissors to cut the microgreens, and miss out on the best part of the plant. The roots. The roots are filled not only with flavor, but also with more nutrients for your body.

The two pictures below show how to best enjoy the roots from your Reclaimed Micro Gardens.  Simply grab all the microgreens at one time and pull them out. Then place them underneath the sink and give them a thorough wash. Once they are clean, all you need to do is garnish your favorite food with the microgreens to enjoy the burst of both flavors and nutrients.

Please email Nick@reclaimedmicrogardens.com with any questions that you have for enjoying the roots of your microgreens. 


pull the microgreens out of your Reclaimed Micro Garden


give them a thorough wash


radish microgreens on salmon and Chinese noodles

Posted on April 15, 2014 .