Garlic Chives

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Garlic Chives


Along with 3 months worth of garlic chive seeds, you will also receive a generous amount soil and fertilizer to begin your Reclaimed Micro Garden.

Garlic Chives Flavor Profile

Garlic chives... Taste like... Guesses anyone??? Garlic! Their garlicky flavor enhances cooked dishes, particularly ones where the food is slowly simmered in a sauce, such as red-cooked stews or soups, or in a stuffing. Use them also to add flavor to stir-fries.

Garlic Chives Nutritional Value

Garlic chives pack a major nutritional punch for a mere 30 calories per 100 grams. Low in fat and high in dietary fiber and protein, they contain high amounts of Vitamin C and carotene, and are a good source of calcium. They also contain Vitamin B1 and B2. In Chinese medicine, garlic chives are considered to be a yang or warming food.

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