Along with 3 months worth of mustard seed, you will also receive a generous amount soil and fertilizer to begin your Reclaimed Micro Garden.

Mustard Flavor Profile

Mustard is widely known for its sharp flavor. This characteristic flavor is an essential component of many dressings and sauces world-wide. Unlike other "hot" flavors, the flavor profile of mustard does not linger. Rather it presents itself quickly, dissipates, and leaves little or no after-taste.

Mustard Nutritional Value

Mustard is a nutritious food containing 28% to 36% protein. Mustard does not contain antigrowth factors like those found in soybeans or the antithyroid compound common to related spices. Its higher protein content is of particular interest when applied to processed meats. The vegetable oil of mustard is nutritionally similar to other oils and makes up 28% to 36% of the seed. Tocopherols present in mustard help to protect the oil from rancidity , thus contributing to a long shelf life. Erucic acid is a significant component of mustard oil.

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