What are the steps to growing my garden?
0) Place a cut piece of paper towel under your garden to catch any drips.
1) Place soil to 3/4 inch before the top.
2) Place a pinch of fertilizer on the soil.
3) Place a layer of seeds on the fertilizer.
4) Place more soil to the top of the hole.
5) Place the garden in your kitchen window.
6) Place 1/3 of a teaspoon of water in each hole once a day. (10 drops)
7) Wait 7-21 days for the seeds to sprout and grow two leaves.
8) Harvest your micro-greens, clean them, including the roots, and place them on your favorite meal to add a burst of flavor and vitamins.
What do I do if my garden cracks?
We are growing microgreens in wood using water, thus, cracks are normal. Since we are only using 10 drops of water a day to water the microgreens, the crack should not affect your growth. If for some reason you feel that the crack is affecting your growth, please email us with a picture of your garden and we will ship you a new garden.

Where do I put my garden?
Reclaimed Micro Gardens are designed to grow food indoors. While you can place the garden outside, you have to be careful to keep the garden in a highly shaded area due to the delicate nature of microgreens. The best place that most of our customers place their garden is in a kitchen window for easy access to water and consumption.
How long does it take for my RMG to develop?
Depending on the seeds that you choose for your micro garden, the microgreens should be ready to eat in 7-21 days. You know that they are ready to harvest when there are two leaves. If there are four, then you should have eaten your greens earlier, but they will still be good to consume.
Can I use my own seeds?
You may use your own seeds, however, we researched microgreens for two years and found that the seven seeds that we have presented to you are the best to use for garnishing your culinary excellence!
Whats the lifecycle of microgreens?
In short the answer is… Short. They only live for a week or three until they enter the mystery of your local taste buds.

Can I eat the roots?
Yes! Please do! The roots are filled with the best dose of vitamins and flavor. Simply clean the soil off of your roots and place the whole plant on your food of choice to add the magic of microgreens to  your breakfast/lunch/dinner.
How much soil, fertilizer and seeds do I receive with my order?
You get three months worth of soil, fertilizer, and seeds with every order at RMG.
In addition, we offer an option to become part of our RMG Pack, which gets you a quarterly shipment of soil, fertilizer and seeds, delivered to your door at a super low price.
Will the walnut oil affect the taste?
Yes and no. Yes in that you should be careful of serving our microgreens to anyone allergic to nuts. No in that you will not taste walnut with every dose of microgreens. The walnut oil, however, does provide a nice balance of flavor while sealing in the reclaimed wood.

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